Niq Polido. | Manila, PH.

You have touched my heart and soul in every imaginable way.

When I hear you, I feel like I am lifted away and am floating in a universe where only you and I exist. You are the most beautiful thing in the world and I would give my life to see how you’ve unfolded and to see how you will eventually bloom again. I feel lucky that I was graced with your existence. I am blown away by everything that makes you you. I am in awe of your magnificence and I love you and your entirety. And although sometimes I indulge in other things, my feelings for you never faltered. You alone hold that special place in my heart. It depresses me that you are dying, that people cannot appreciate you but it also makes me happy since in one way or another, I have you to myself. You have been there with me since before I was born and I only wish I could take you with me wherever I go when I die. So I will stand by you and appreciate you and forever be yours. I LOVE YOU, JAZZ.